All graduate students at UC Berkeley pay a Registration Fee, an Educational Fee, a University Health Insurance Fee, and a Berkeley Campus Fee. Non-residents of California are required to pay an additional Tuition Fee. Fees are subject to periodic revision by the Regents. Current UC fee schedules may be viewed at
All fees are paid for supported students.

Legal residence requires that the student be a citizen or a permanent resident of the USA and have lived in the State of California for at least one year prior to applying for legal residency. Students who wish to establish residency must contact the Residence Office in Sproul Hall immediately upon arrival in California to begin the process.

Financial Support

Students applying for admission may also apply for a University Fellowship by completing the Graduate Division combined Admission/Fellowship Application form by the deadline. Applications for University Fellowships are considered only once a year, and Fellowships are for the academic year beginning with the Fall Semester and extending throughout he Spring Semester. Continuing/Returning students may obtain the necessary fellowship application material from the Graduate Fellowship Office, 318 Sproul Hall.

A limited number of Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions are available to graduate students working with faculty who are members of the Group in Comparative Biochemistry. Employed students devote up to twenty hours per week in the research or teaching laboratories. Students are not required to serve as Graduate Student Instructors. However, students gain valuable experience and should make every effort to obtain this experience with the help of their faculty advisor.



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