The Group operates under Ph.D. Dissertation Plan B. After Advancement to Candidacy and upon recommendation of the Head Graduate Advisor, the Dean of the Graduate Division appoints a committee of at least three faculty members to supervise the student's research and evaluate the merits of the dissertation. Normally, the faculty member guiding the student's research will act as chair of this committee. If the research mentor is not a member of the Academic Senate, a member of the Group who is also a member of the Academic Senate must serve as co-chair. The dissertation committee must include a member of the academic senate from outside of the Graduate Group. Students are expected to meet with their committee at least annually to keep the committee informed concerning the progress of the research. The dissertation must be approved by the committee and the Graduate Division before the Ph.D. degree may be conferred.

Details on the preparation of dissertations for submission to the Graduate Division are available from the Graduate Division.

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